Tosh.0 Tosh.0

How does this guy get away with it?!

Last night, Daniel Tosh returned for his third season of Internet clips and politically incorrect quips, and honestly, there was more "did he just say that?" in the 30-minute premiere than in Joe Biden's last two years as Vice President. Depending on your bent, the comic was either right-on or wrong on every level.

You be the judge:

-A rape-centric "Web Redemption" segment featuring "Bed Intruder" fameball Antoine Dodson that included jabs at Tori Amos' music, Law & Order: SVU and Duke University.
-A bit called "Is He Retarded?" featuring a dentally challenged Finnish dude speaking in his native tongue.  
-A live-action game of "Angry Birds" that ended with a bloodied crewmember.
-20 seconds of triple-X entendres set against an already suggestive video of two guys peeling carrots into a kneeling woman's face.
-A pedo joke about filming a naked bit in a children's playground.
-A riff on the sexual proclivities of homeless black men on subway trains.

Now, some may say that Tosh is an equal-opportunity offender who is obviously having fun at everyone's expense (including his own), while others might see him as a baby-faced purveyor of base, cruel comedy. What about you? Does Tosh.0 tickle your funny bone or just tick you off?

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