Beverly Kim, Sarah Grueneberg, Lindsay Autry Beverly Kim, Sarah Grueneberg, Lindsay Autry

There is no way to say this gently, so we're just gonna put it out there: The top women on this season's Top Chef are dreadful.

If it hasn't been the seeming ineptitude of flaky "Last Chance Kitchen" returnee Bev, it's been the grotesque self-congratulatory attitude of Sarah or the incessant bitching of Lindsay. Honestly, that little blonde should have been the spitfire to root for, but like her equally unappetizing sisters-in-chef coats, she's now just another reason this season has left a bad taste in our mouths.

Last night, the three of them made it into the finals, meaning that we still have a few more weeks to endure their nonsense. So here's hoping Paul smokes them all — and not solely for the just desserts they each deserve for creating such culinary contempt. He's also a class act and a killer would be sweet as hell to actually see a nice guy finish first.

What do you think of Chef's ladies? How has this season been for you?

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