Jason O'Mara Jason O'Mara

Arguably the season's most anticipated new drama, Terra Nova debuted last night in a much-promo'd "epic" opener and there is just so much to say about it. Effects-filled. Expensive. And maybe a little "eh"?

Not to say the show doesn't pack in some mondo efforts. After all, we're talking about a tale set in prehistoric times, and Steve Spielberg is one of the executive producers. But after two hours of "get to know your new world," the adventures of settlers sent from the decaying future back to Earth's dino era felt, at times, a bit lacking. Maybe it was that the premiere lavished too much time on Terra's relatively bland teenagers instead of the more fascinating adults, like Jason O'Mara's transplanted family man and Stephen Lang's gung-ho crazy military honcho. Maybe it was that the eco-mess of a society our heroes left behind seemed more intriguing than their Jurassic new address. Maybe it was that some of the CGI looked like outtakes from a SyFy Original. Or maybe it was that the hype was even bigger than the clearly massive budget.

Whatever the case, Terra Nova definitely wants to be big and shiny and new-fangled, despite its old-fashioned vibe of Swiss Family Robinson gone Land of the Lost by way of Avatar. And of course, there's a mythology because everything tastes better with a murky side of backstory. But we're wondering if there's just too much going on between the time travel, social politics, family dramas, dinosaurs, teen angst and that final-moment conspiracy reveal.

What about you? Was it a super Nova, or did you find it to be Terra-bull?

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