Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel

Welcome to that time in warm-weather TV when there's not much new and even less scripted. Call it the Late-Spring Reality Twilight Zone. And call us when it's over.

Last night, the pickings were majorly meager, for sure, as ABC served up a prime time NBA game-day episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, while NBC gave us a double-shot of competition with the launch of America's Got Talent and the last battle round on The Voice. As for CBS, the CW and Fox, well they pretty much left the building, airing old repeats, save for Fox's burn-off original of Traffic Light, which is DOA anyway, so who cares, right?

Until the new summer season really kicks in, cable is going to have to be where it's at, and even that news isn't entirely fulfilling. Across the Tuesday-night dial, it was nothing but reality shows and docu-stuff ranging from little couples and million-dollar decorators to auction hunters and pregnant 16-year-olds. Thankfully, a whole slate of scripted goodness is right around the corner (you can read all about it in the new Summer Preview issue of TV Guide Magazine this week!), and these lonely nights of not-so-much will be over soon.

So we want to know what kept you company last night. Pick up a new fave? Or are you using these lean times to catch up on the backlog clogging your DVR? Share below!

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