My Strange Addiction My Strange Addiction

Since admitting one's powerlessness if the first step in recovery, let's just get this out now: Our strange addiction is My Strange Addiction.

Riveting, eye-opening and at times, straight-up repulsive, TLC's docu-confessional is like Intervention crossed with Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Because, trust us, some of this stuff is completely unbelievable.

Over the course of last night's mind-boggling back-to-back episodes, we got more "OMG" moments than are probably healthy. A lady with 20 cats and a life-threatening allergy to — wait for it — cats. A tanorexic who makes Snooki look like a ghost and fries her skin 'til she bleeds. A woman who can barely interact with others without the help of a ventriloquist puppet. And a mother of five who has been downing household cleanser for three decades. Forget the fact that she needed to have all of her upper teeth replaced, how she's still alive is the real shocker. That stuff is made of death! Yet there she was, on camera, eating Ajax like it was couscous. Kind of makes you feel a little better about that bag of chips you just binged on, huh?

Mercifully, each episode tends to end with the subjects seeking out some much-needed therapy, so we get to see them start to shed their denial and addictions. However, it's doubtful even Dr. Drew will be able to get us to quit this captivating series anytime soon.

Do you share our Strange Addiction?

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