Uma Thurman Uma Thurman

Can we get an amen?! 

"Bombshell" began its out-of-town tryouts in Boston last night and while opening night's performance was an unholy mess, Smash showed signs of regaining its spirit...fittingly, by going to church!

In the episode's most random yet re-watchable scene, the entire cast convened on Sam the Annoying Chorus Boy's house of worship to, we presume, curry the Lord's favor on their failing production. But as Sam and Karen raised the roof with a heavenly version of Donnie McClurkin's "Stand," Ivy, Dev and Julia were forced to sit there and soak in the reality of their recent sins of the flesh.

Unlike the admittedly entertaining Bollywood number or God forbid, that Times Square disaster, this wasn't some distraction created just to utilize the talent on tap. It was more like a baptism, really. Because after this, the show heads into next week's season finale with reborn verve, thanks to dramas we actually care about: Last night's merciful elimination of Uma Thurman's smoothie-felled Rebecca, the brewing reveal of Dev's infidelity, Michael Swift's threat to Julia's marriage and, of course, the final, fateful recasting of Marilyn.

To borrow from McClurkin's hymn, we've given our all and at times, it seemed like we couldn't make it through. But we've stood through the storm, the rain, the hurt and the pain (a.k.a. Ellis). And having seen next week's standing ovation-worthy finale, we can say that the faithful will definitely be rewarded.

Are you back in the Smash fold again? Who do you think ends up in the lead role?

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