Sheree Whitfield Sheree Whitfield

Why? Why?!

On last night's Watch What Happens: Live, the cute-as-a-button P.T. Barnum of Bravo, Andy Cohen, welcomed Real Housewives of Atlanta's Sheree Whitfield (along with that turbaned mess of a stylist, Miss Lawrence), and guess what, kids? Yep, the woman who once held a fashion show with no fashions now has an R&B single. Think of it as music without music.

During the show — which frequently features the kind of trash talk and character assassination we'd kill to see real celebrities engage in — Cohen subjected, er, treated viewers to a sample of La Whitfield's eloquently titled debut cut, "Who Gon' Check Me Boo?" And although we have no idea what that means exactly or who would even want to check her Boo, we can safely say that A) we can't wait for Cohen to take his often bawdy, always unpredictable late-night talker to five nights a week in 2012, and B) it is the least sucky song from any of the other Housewives.

Of course, it's not hard to best "Tardy for the Party" or either of the Countess' throaty odes to her high-class life, and yes, it's sweet that a portion of the proceeds will benefit an after-school youth program in Chicago. But seriously ladies, this needs to stop. Take a tip from the Beverly Hills brood and stick to screaming at one another, throwing parties where at least one person suffers a psychotic break, and having your faces paralyzed with syringes of bacteria. Leave the bad music to LMFAO and that Canadian kid who looks like Hilary Swank.

Have you checked Sheree's "Boo"? Or should all the singing Housewives check themselves before they wreck our hearing?

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