<i>Rookie Blue</i> Rookie Blue

So let's see...

Multi-racial group of charming newbies? Check.

A setting rife with life-and-death drama? Check.

A wise-ass with a deep soul and floppy hair? Check.

Thoughtful voice-over narration by willowy lead with a family history? Check.

Color in the title? Check.

Charm, likeability or original thought? Child, please.

Seriously, shoot me now. Because after last night's debut of this Grey's Anatomy wannabe — which packed more guns and less heat than GA at its worst — I'd rather take a bullet than endure anymore. The new cop drama-slash-massive-cliché steals so much from ABC's med-head hit, it should be brought in for grand theft. Except there is nothing grand about Blue, save for the casting of Heroes vet Missy Peregrym and Everwood's Gregory Smith.

Sadly, the fact that they deserve so much better than this mess is just another charge in the long list of offenses it commits against viewers, who also deserve better than an endless parade of cookie-cutter scenarios that ranged from weak (Officer McSexy stripping down in front of the slightly aroused underling) to WTF (a weepy addict confesses all to the understanding pretty lady with a badge).

People may be able to smell a new cop like they can smell fresh paint, as Peregrym's wizened partner said. But we just smell a stinker.

What did you think of Rookie Blue?

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