Annabeth Gish Annabeth Gish

"The doctor is out." Now that can't be good.

This closing-moments text from our elusive "A" sent a chill through the Pretty Little Liars — and fans — last night after the gang's shrink, Dr. Sullivan, summoned them to her office to reveal that "A" was possibly one of her clients. Unfortunately, once they arrived on the scene, our dear Doc was nowhere to be found, nor was the case-file that (possibly) held the secret to the show's central stalker.

So do we think "A" has claimed another life? That is, assuming whomever it is also disposed of Ali and creepy Ian. The sick part of us kind of hopes so, since this seriously ups the game and gives the girls a foe who's willing to kill anyone to keep their secret. But the healthier (less homicidal) part of us is keeping our fingers crossed that we'll see more of Annabeth Gish's so-cool clinical psychiatrist. If not in here, then maybe an hour later on The Lying Game...cause that switcheroo scene is getting just as crazy, too!

What do you think? Is the PLL body count about to rise again? And really, who do you think is capable of murder among our Rosewood regulars? (And no spoilers from anyone whose read the books!)

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