Chuck Chuck

Don't know about you, folks, but our DVRs earned their pay last night!

With the 2010 fall TV season finally in full swing, Mondays suddenly became about a lot more than Bachelor Pads and Real Housewives. It was a new-show bonanza across the dial and honestly, it was kind of impossible to keep up. NBC gave us the always-awesome Chuck, the enticing "are they aliens?" mythology of The Event and the not-so-enticing "are they kidding us with these clichés?" of Chase. Fox dropped its soapy new Lone Star right after the season premiere of House (loved one, liked another). CBS brought back How I Met Your Mother in better form than last season, and Two and Half Men in the same form as always (barely funny), while also launching the semi-sweet Mike & Molly, and the wowsa Hawaii Five-0 remake. And ABC unleashed its Dancing With the Stars kraken before the return of scrappy underdog Castle. Oh, and Gossip Girl and 90210 each had strong second episodes, but unfortunately the combo fun of Chuck-Blair reunion and Naomi's birthday party most likely took a beating with all of these new shows crowding the field.

So we ask you, harried TV fans: What did you watch? Pick up any new shows? Drop some old ones? Share your struggles!

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