Kyle  Bornheimer and Christine Woods Kyle Bornheimer and Christine Woods

Christmas came a little early for TV fans needing something new to enjoy this week when NBC previewed its upcoming comedy Perfect Couples during last night's Sing-Off finale. Did it hit the right notes?

Mostly yes. While the concept of three wacky, diverse couples feels like something we've seen, oh, a few thousand times before, the writing has some Cougar Town sass to it, and the ensemble — including über-charming Kyle Bornheimer (Worst Week) and comic dynamo Mary Elizabeth Ellis (best known simply as "the waitress" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) — is fresh enough to warrant a second look once the show begins its regular run in January.

So if you weren't impressed with the sneak peek we got last night, don't write-off Couples for being less than perfect just yet. The two episodes sent out for review are both pretty fun (the second much better than the pilot), and honestly, NBC could do a lot worse than this. In fact, they have and you all know it.

Did you watch Perfect Couples? What's your take?

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