Christina Ricci Christina Ricci

Ladies and gentleman, we have liftoff!

Pan Am hit the air last night and to say we're high on ABC's stylish airborne soap is an understatement. Nothing like Mad Men (to which it's been unjustly compared) aside from being set in the '60s and having fabulous costumes, the drama here is juicier and faster-paced than that of Don Draper and company. It's also super fun.

And while it may take a few weeks to differentiate some of the stewardesses who aren't series star Christina Ricci—finally trading her usual creepy edginess for perky likabilty—we're already hooked on the espionage twist, as well as the Love Boat-meets —35,000 feet misadventures of the Majestic Clipper's top-notch crew.

What about you? Booking another flight on Pan Am? Or are you looking for something more grounded?

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