One Tree Hill One Tree Hill

"As most of you know, tonight is a very special night for us, so I'd like to thank you all for being here. The time that we have spent together over the years has meant so much. and without you, we wouldn't be here tonight. Thank you." —Haley James Scott

You are so welcome.

One Tree Hill signed off forever last night and that "thank you," delivered to the SRO crowd at Tric, was clearly also aimed at the fans who've stuck by the show over nine seasons of naysayers, crazy nannies, kidnappings and Sparkle Classics. Yes, there were a few turnovers (Chase, just stop), and sure, it would have been awesome to see Hilarie Burton back, but let's not let a few minor technical fouls ruin what was otherwise a perfectly fitting farewell for this basketball-tinged teen drama-gone-grownup. By packing in the flashbacks, voice-overs and romance — Clay and Quinn's impromptu wedding, FTW! — set to the beat of so many performances at Tric's 10-year-anniversary concert that it was practically a 90-minute music montage, OTH stayed true to its always emotional form 'til the very end.

And we loved it. Written and directed by series creator Mark Schwahn, the long goodbye warmed our hearts and put lumps in our throats as the characters we came to care so much about got their happily ever afters. Tutor Girl, B. Davis, Nathan, Mouth, and yes, even you, Chase. We will miss you all. We will watch you on DVD and on SoapNet marathons. And we will defend your honor whenever some TV snob takes a swipe at you for being the sappy, soapy and shockingly long-running staple that never made apologies. You used to be called "the little show that could." Well, now you're the show that did. And to quote Dan Scott, of all people, what you did mattered.

Did you watch the final One Tree Hill last night? What did you think?

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