Megan Mullally Megan Mullally

Dear Megan Mullally,

Will you please be in everything?

Seriously, we love you and not just because of Anastasia Beaverhausen. No, our admiration for you transcends your Will & Grace days, your Party Down run, hell even the fact that you're married to Ron Freakin' Swanson. It's like everything you do is done with joy and we can't help but feed into that. The guest spots on Parks and Rec, Up All Night and Happy Endings? Epic. Your new gig on Breaking In? More than we could have ever hoped for.

And for anyone wondering what an Emmy winner like yourself is doing on an underrated sitcom that won a second season by the skin of its teeth, all we can say is "did you see last night's episode?" It was all about the Mullally, rocking a diamond-encrusted bra and really clicking with the cast. Turns out your Veronica is exactly what this show — which we already hearted — needed: A suitable foil for Christian Slater's Oz who's not only incredibly funny but also immensely likeable. Kind of like you.


The Watercooler

Do you guys love Mullally on Breaking In as much as we do? Leave a P.S. in the comments below!

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