The League, Seth Rogan The League, Seth Rogan

Oh my.

Now, we're no prudes here at the Watercooler, but there are some things we just can not discuss in an open forum. Like most of the stuff that went down last night in the screamingly raucous (and just plain raw) season opener of The League. Honestly, we are still blushing. And giggling.

Kicking off their third season on the verge of their new draft, fantasy football-leaguers Ruxin and company got a major assist from Seth Rogen — apparently a huge fan of the show — who turned up as the much-mentioned, but never-before-seen Dirty Randy. No longer a porn location scout, the pooka-shelled creepster is now a full-blown adult-film director, which served the gang's endgame of screwing last season's league loser Andre out of ever enjoying his apartment again. Don't ask...we said there were things we couldn't talk about.

Like it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia lead-in, The League revels in wrongness, and also like Sunny, it gets it right by being across-the-board foul and hands-down hilarious, tossing in gags about everything from The Bachelor to Algerian soap operas to Scrooge McDuck. Is it for everyone? Hell no. But you definitely don't need to be a football fan to get a kick out of it, either. It does help, however, if you have an appreciation for dazzlingly offensive lines of the non-gridiron variety.

Did you join The League last night? Or are you locking this one out of your viewing schedule?

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