Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin

Love her or hate her (and we know there's a healthy split out there), Kathy Griffin gives good feud.

Last night, the red menace unleashed what felt like her 350th Bravo comedy special, Whores on Crutches, which covered her tried-and-trues (Paris Hilton, Bristol Palin, Tiger Woods), a few newbies (I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant), and thank you, Lord, her now-notorious face-off with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View back in June. "I'm just gonna put a [bleep]ing match to it," she instigated, and seriously, Team Kathy delivered a burn.

"I live for that $#*!," cracked a giddy Griffin as she recounted the "gift from baby Jesus" that was Hasselbeck's botched attempt to shame her for — gasp! — clowning on the show's hosts. "I don't mean to sound like a tool...but really, Hasselbeck? You're gonna throw down with me? Really?" Going on in front the clearly adoring crowd, Griffin admitted that she deserved to be busted for bashing the ladies, but was stunned to realize that her most frequent target hadn't prepared any ammo beyond her initial ambush. "She had nothing!"

Nor did she have much to say after the segment ended, either. Allegedly, Kath tried to smooth things over during a commercial break, only to get shunned by the shrill Survivor vet in front of a full studio. "I turned to the live audience and said 'come on, you guys don't really want to see me fight with Hasselbeck, right?' Come on [Elisabeth], shake my hand...and she wouldn't shake my hand," revealed the still surprised D-Lister, who nevertheless got the last laugh. "So I said 'be a gentleman!'"

Guess that explains why Griffin was a guest on The Talk yesterday instead of Barbara Walter's little coffee klatch, huh? So what do you think of Kathy Griffin? Should she keep on sticking it to Hasselbeck, or back off and find a new foe?

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