Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel

I'm pretty sure if we cut Jimmy Kimmel open, we'd find that he is stuffed with awesome. Because the clown prince of late night once again showed us why he rocks last night with one of the strangest, silliest and most inspired talk-show episodes TV has been blessed with since, oh, ever.

Stuck with a packed studio that was struck by some sort of an electrical snafu, Kimmel got crafty after his cameras went kaput and decided to record the entire hour on a MacBook's webcam. It was a little jumpy, but way less creepy than Chatroulette, and Kimmel's guests — Seth Rogen and Wipeout's John Henson — were good-natured enough to play along despite the outage. Even country dude Dierks Bentley and his crew went acoustic and wound up delivering what may be the band's coolest web clip.

Of course, the whole thing could have been a stunt and if it was, we'll probably never know. But one thing is for sure: This is one hell of a host who doesn't need power to shine.

What did you think of Jimmy's ingenious experiment?

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