House Hunters - Tom and Linda Ahler House Hunters - Tom and Linda Ahler

OK, is there anyone else out there as abnormally obsessed with House Hunters as we are? Please say it's not just us...and Liz Lemon.

Part travelogue, part real-estate porn, and all awesome, we knew we were watching the right thing after 30 Rock's leading lady clowned on the HGTV show's myopic potential buyers a few weeks back. "Why can't people look past paint color?!" Amen, sister! Not only are the titular hunters usually incapable of seeing beyond the shade of White-Winged Dove in the spare room, every one of them seems to want a man-cave (apparently, the new "office") or claims to need miles of extra space for "entertaining," like they're the Graysons of Revenge and throw parties on a weekly basis. Still, we adore them for having bigger expectations than budgets and no shame when it comes to fretting over minor things like wall sconces instead of, you know, school districts or sexual predators registered in the region.

Last night, we got the pug-owning parents of two who couldn't agree on where to spend their $275,000 and a tour of some of Richmond, Virginia's nicest hoods. Turns out historic Church Hill is pretty damn swanky. And since every episode needs drama beyond the usual battles over tacky cabinets and walk-in closets, the clock was also ticking for the twosome to compromise, since their old house was already sold and they needed someplace to set down roots before their third kid came along in a few months. So three listings later, did they find something that matched everything on their wish list, as well as their budget? If you know the show — or its equally addictive International spin-off — you know the joke: They almost always pick places that are either wildly over budget, woefully out of their preferred area or just plain ugly. Luckily, last night's pair was able to avoid becoming punch lines and settled on an affordably sweet spread that was just what they were looking for. Liz Lemon would be oddly proud. God knows we were!

Are you sold on House Hunters, too? Or is there another HGTV show that owns you?

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