Stephanie Pratt, Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth Stephanie Pratt, Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth

It's the end of an error. But at least the most scripted "reality" show ever went out with a wink.

While The Hills should have been dunzo back when Lauren and Whitney left the building, it was still a bummer to think about saying goodbye to the gang. It's been a wild six seasons since LC and Heidi moved from Laguna Beach to L.A., and in that time, a lot has changed. But sadly, the whole thing ended with 30 minutes of nothing new. Sure, there was a lot of uptalking by the usually quarrelsome cast about their suddenly strong friendships, and everyone had a well-timed transition to look forward to—Audrina's moving to Hermosa Beach! Kristin's moving to Europe! Lo's moving in with her man!—the end of The Hills was more "meh" than major. There wasn't even a Heidi sighting, unless you count the flashback montage. However, there was one moment that surely gave the happy to anyone who has spent the last four years going "right, like this isn't scripted." In the final scene, the Euro-bound Kristin hugged non-boyfriend Brody in the shadow of the Hollywood sign ...which then was revealed to be a canvas backdrop as the cameras pulled back to show the crew, the lights, and the studio lot they were actually filming on. It was perhaps the most honest The Hills have ever been.

So...was the entire show staged? Or do you think there was some stuff that was (cue the theme song) unwritten?

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