Elisha Cuthbert Elisha Cuthbert

A brand new Happy Endings? In August? A. Mah. Zing!

Instead of running all the first-year episodes of the underrated mid-season sitcom, ABC secretly held back on us and sat on a single unaired outing until last night. Why? Who knows, maybe they were too busy feeling bad about Mr. Sunshine to keep proper count.

Anyway, we're not complaining because this meant we got a late-summer reminder of what a clever, addictive little treat this show has developed into after being lumped in with—and outlasting—lesser septet-centric romcoms like Perfect Couples and Mad Love last spring. As quotable as Glee (when it's good), percolating with pop-culture jokes (come on, who wouldn't watch a reality show called "Jews Cruise"?), and sweet without being sappy, there's a lot to love about how Happy can find ways to facilitate the entire ensemble even when showcasing individualized plots like Dave's overly analytical new bedmate or Penny's atrocious assistant. That said, the show's sharpest moments have always come when the whole gang hangs, be it for an old friend's wedding or a night out seeing a college band. Hell, we'd totes be down for a full episode set at their usual diner table if it meant 22 minutes of everyone onscreen together. In fact, that would make us really Happy.

So what about you? Were you happy to see Endings last night? Or have you not caught on to the funniest show since "Project Penny"?

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