Damian McGinty, Vanessa Lengies, Kevin McHale Damian McGinty, Vanessa Lengies, Kevin McHale

Things we hearted about Glee's Valentine's Day episode...
-Brittany and Santana earning their serenade, despite Principal Figgins' gaycism.
-Mercedes' "I Will Always Love You."
-Sam's single tear during Mercedes' "I Will Always Love You."
-Karofsky being a viable contender as Kurt's secret admirer.
-Very little Schue.
-The long-awaited arrival of The Glee Project's co-winner Samuel Larsen as the hippie holy roller.
-The longer-awaited departure of The Glee Project's underused co-winner Damian McGinty.
-The fact that Breadstix gets bigger and bigger every time the gang performs there.
-The Whitney Houston dedication card in the closing credits.

Things we hated about Glee's Valentine's Day episode... 
-The return of smug Blaine.
-The faith-bashing "God Squad."
-The idea that Mercedes would balk at singing for "teen lesbians" Brittana. Her best friend is Kurt! 
-The wasting of Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum as Rachel's stereotypical, old-school queen fathers. Like anyone makes Liza references anymore.
-A spiritual, robed choir showing up at a public school.
-The McKinley students eating lunch outside. It's February. In Ohio!
-Sugar. She's like fetch... just not gonna happen.

So what about you? Did you fall for Glee's Cupid-palooza? Or was it a bad date?

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