Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos, Nicole Richie Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos, Nicole Richie

Oh dear. To quote a real fashion star, that is a lot of look. And honestly, Nicole Richie deserves better. Who ever imagined you'd hear that some day?!

Last night, NBC's design competition, Fashion Star, returned for week two and once we got past the sight of Jessica Simpson's ginormous bra-monsters trying to eat their way up her neckline, we were struck by all the excessive business going on. An overly loud audience. Runway shows that look like a theme-park concert mated with a Eastern European beauty pageant. Backstage footage. Confessional interviews. Judges comments. Buyers bidding. It's just too much. 

And don't even get us started on the level of talent, or their questionable taste levels. First off, the fact that Kara and her Tilda Swinton-looking weepiness was kept around after showing nothing but neckties and collars last week is even more baffling than her haircut. And Oscar? Please, that mouthy little hobbit should be sent back to whatever footbridge he lives under for being the least likable creature this side of Middle Earth.

It's a shame because we were hoping for an addictive new clothing-based reality challenge. Unfortunately, by trying to coordinate pieces borrowed from Project Runway, The Cut, Shark Tank, The Fashion Show, The X Factor, and Launch My Line, this Star ends up feeling like a really busy knock-off.   

Are you enjoying Fashion Star? Or are you just there to see what clothes will be on sale after the episode?

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