Dina Manzo Dina Manzo

OK, Bravo really needs to do a Battle of Its Network Stars. They tried something similar back in 2005 with various reality vets from Survivor, The Apprentice, et cetera, but watching last night's Fashion Show — which tasked the designers with making-under the flashy-trashy Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County — it became clear the network that's given us so many catfights, bitchy confessionals and borderline personalities has a treasure trove of "stars" within its own ranks to pit against one another.

As the two Fashion teams scrambled to refine Theresa Guidice and work around Gretchen Rossi's pendulous assets, one couldn't help but think of how fun would it be to take this battle out of the sewing room and build on it for the playing field. Sure, we loved seeing ex-pat Jersey diva Dina Manzo again (come back, Grandma Wrinkles!) and Orange County kook Lynne Curtain's reaction to Jeffery's breast-covering creation was richer than most of these women claim to be. But think about it: Instead of having just one Bravo entity visit another or even waste their rage on another dinner party with each other, the network could corral all of its talent and force them to face-off en masse on some sort of Wipeout-caliber obstacle course. This way, we could get to see how someone like Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis handles a three-legged race with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Top Chef fetishists could finally get that fan-fic fantasy of a Padma Lakshmi-Gail Simmons chicken-fight, and poor Bethenny Frankel wouldn't have to endure Skating With the Stars. It would be epic.

Until the programming gods hear our prayers, however, we'll just have to settle for the occasional crossover. And if they remain as entertaining as this Housewives-Fashion Show mashup, the wait will at least keep us in stitches. But don't think for a second we're giving up on this idea, Andy Cohen. You can even use Watch What Happens Live for a post-game wrap-up. With cocktails!

So do you like the Bravo crossovers? Or should each show stay in its own world? And what did you think of [spoiler]'s losing gown?

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