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Can we just end it now?

Last night, Desperate Housewives closed up its seventh season with a two-hour endurance challenge that was as stretched out as it was a stretch. Oooh, "someone is gonna die." Really? What a shock. It's not like that doesn't happen every May on Wisteria Lane! It's played out, kids. And since ABC is still hemming on a renewal for their once-great dramedy about suburban septuagenarians in tacky Wet Seal markdowns, we wouldn't be shocked—or even saddened—if this was actually the ladies' series swan song, too.

Was everything wrapped up? Nope, and that's fine. With a show like DH, there would be no way to send everyone off with a happy 'lil bow tied around their troubles without things feeling phonier than certain body parts among the cast. Susan will always be a simpleton with severely compromised decision-making skills. Lynette is clearly genetically incapable of being a good wife (big points to Tom for finally leaving her!). Bree wouldn't know what to do without a moral dilemma to haunt her. And Gaby is too self-centered to ever think beyond her own woes. They can't be happy...that's just who they are. The fact that they are the same as they were back in '04 is just proof that the block party is over.

So ending things with all of them saddled with the same secret—helping cover up Carlos' fatal attack on Gaby's skeevy stepfather—works for us. The series opened with them all hiding something individually while trying to crack the mystery of Mary Alice's suicide together. The irony of them being linked by a shared complicity in the crime would leave fans with the assurance that these neighbors would forever be enmeshed and leave ABC's Sunday nights open to new options. With Brothers & Sisters already canceled, this would be the perfect time for the network to just clear the decks and redevelop. You know, maybe even give us something that feels, well, a little less desperate.

What do you think? Is it time for the Housewives to go home for good?

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