Chelsea Handler Chelsea Handler

Turns out those tabloids weren't totally wrong. Last night on Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler welcomed "rumored lover" Dave Salmoni for what would normally have been a run-of-the-mill animal segment. "Ewwww, a vulture." "Oooh, a cute baby zebra." But since these two have been romantically linked lately, the bit turned out to be as wild as any of the beasts the humpy Animal Planet host brought with him for the show-and-tell. Right off the bat, the pair traded barbs about the allegations, with Salmoni teasing Handler for "telling people I've given you more than a kiss," and having a crush on him. It was cute, if not confusing, since he really did seem serious. But then, like the catty cut-up she is, our favorite late-night lush unleashed a vacation video of the two that a pretty much proves they've paired up. Guess Chelsea got tired of playing hide the Salmoni!

What do you think of Chelsea and her new beau?

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