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For a show that's all about sweets, the Top Chef: Just Desserts final four sure were bitter last night.

By the time they reached the elimination challenge — to create an anniversary cake for the famed, fabulously adorable cake maker Sylvia Weinstock and hubby Ben — the remaining pastry cheftestants had trashed each other so much, it was hard to tell who was behaving the most hatefully. Overdramatic urchin Zac whined to the judges about uber-grumpy Morgan, who proved that handsome doesn't equal honorable by hurling a barrage of bleeped-out slurs at Danielle, who took time from making the world's weirdest faces to take her jabs at Yigit, who revealed the passive-aggressive center beneath his sweetly innocent shell. Granted, the heat was on and they all wanted to make the finale, but if they had spent as much time cooking as they did complaining, their uniformly mediocre confections would probably have had the judges asking for seconds instead of enduring their excuses.

Ultimately, though, it was Zac's caketastrophe that cost him a slot in the finale, yet even being shown the door didn't get him to shut his trap. "I'm surprised nobody mentioned how rubbery Morgan's cake was," he sniped in a voiceover as the disco dust settled and the three little bakers left standing pretended that they would miss the acidic eliminee.

Hopefully, the final three will ditch the bitching and start treating each other with a bit more respect. Otherwise, we're gonna have a bad taste in our mouths no matter who wins next week.

Did you find this week's Top Chef: Just Desserts hard to swallow?

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