A Charlie Brown Christmas - Charlie Brown and Linus A Charlie Brown Christmas - Charlie Brown and Linus

Christmas time is here, indeed.

Back in October, we here at the Watercooler asked if the Great Pumpkin was TV's best Halloween special ever. And now, in honor of ABC's re-airing of the Peanuts gang's 46-year-old Yule chestnut last night, we want to know what you — the peanut gallery — think of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

For us, this thing is it. The top dog of holiday programs, if you will. How can you beat the jumpy, old-school animation? The undeniably evocative jazz score from Vince Guaraldi? The pageant that seems to be about nothing but dancing and an innkeeper's wife with naturally curly hair? The tree?! Oh, the tree!

Sure, there's a somber tone to some of the proceedings — Chuck does struggle with the commercialism of it all and Sally's "just send money" letter to Santa has us worried that she grew up to be one of the Real Housewives — but the rad totally outweighs the sad. Linus' closing monologue about the true meaning of Christmas still kills, we can't help but howl when Snoopy magically pops up on the piano between Schroeder and Lucy, and the look on Chuck's face after his friends rally around to decorate his sad little sapling never fails to bring a lump to our throats. Throw in the "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!" shout and the "loo loo loo"-ing at the very end, and yeah, we're feeling all sorts of peace and goodwill.

And that is what Christmas is all about for us. But what about you? Do you love A Charlie Brown Christmas? Or is there another special that gives you the warm and fuzzies this time of year?

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