Jessica Jessica

Well, it's official. The end times are here.

Now that Bridalplasty is actually a thing, it needs to be discussed. Worst. Show. Ever. Not only is the concept of self-esteem deficient brides-to-be who vie for plastic surgery before their impending nups as busted as some of the contestants' personalities, this reality chintzfest from the brain trust behind Rock of Love is also incredibly cruel.

To the viewers, that is. Especially after last night's second episode, which saw lumbering whiner Allyson avoid elimination over the much-more likable (and deserving) Jessica, overbearing Alexandra mangle the English language ("I think I'm a well writer and a well peaker"), and some seriously grisly footage of Cheyenne's nose job. Yikes. The hammering. The cutting. The close-up of her gaping, bloody schnoz. Who the hell thought this would make for good TV?! And how are these women so blasé about subjecting themselves to what basically boils down to game-show surgery? Girl went off for her procedure like she was making a Starbucks run.

Of course, she came back looking like she'd been run over, but hey, at least she came back. Can't imagine the same can be said for any viewers who may have checked out these pre-marital wrecks.

Have you checked out Bridalplasty? Or have you vowed to avoid it til death?

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