Bobby Flay Bobby Flay

Let's face it, some reality-show judges are sweet, others are sour.

And Bobby Flay? That dude is savory.

Last night, the Food Network Star host and main judge brought another serving of scary to the table as the remaining 14 hopefuls tried once again to turn his frown upside down. Yet there was no satisfying Flay. Whether it was Orchid's canned oysters or pre-verbal Justin's on-camera bungle, Chef F had no shortage of disses to hand out, usually paired with a side of eye rolls, annoyed questions or, worse than anything else, disdainful silence. Think of him as the Simon Cowell of the spice rack.

It's a startling change after a season of fawning nonsense on Idol and the "up with people!" input from The Voice crew. Not that we're asking for Adam Levine or Xtina to hurl unwarranted insults at their wannabes, but a little critical thinking would be nice. Maybe they could take a break from bickering with each other to watch some FNS and pick up some tips. Because even though Flay may be tough, his salty disposition makes for some tasty TV.

What do you think? Is Flay too mean?

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