Strange Days With Bob Saget Strange Days With Bob Saget

Well, he's no son of anarchy, that's for sure.

Last night, while SAMCRO was tearing it up in their season finale over on FX, Bob Saget revved up his new A&E reality series, Strange Days, about our more offbeat subcultures, by joining a Kentucky motorcycle club for a week. Full-throttle fun? More like a full house of not much.

Taking the idea of Morgan Spurlock's former series 30 Days and smothering it under more voiceovers than a Grey's Anatomy marathon, Saget spent most of his opening episode talking about earning a spot within the "hardcore" Iron Order Motorcycle Club and doing very little to show us why they're so tough. Sure they have crazy nicknames and copious tattoos, guzzle booze, and wear leather, but the same could be said about most of the contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race. (Although some of those dudes really are hardcore.) And let's face it. How scary can any group be if they're hanging out with the guy who narrates How I Met Your Mother?

No, we never really got a good look into the club, its history, or what drives its members to hit the road for days on end. Instead, we got a sidecar tagalong peppered with Saget wisecracks, an awkwardly unemotional trip to a fallen biker's memorial, and very little insight into the culture itself. The only real Strange-ness about the whole thing was how tame it all felt.

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