Gia Allemand, <i>Bachelor Pad</i> Gia Allemand, Bachelor Pad

Is it something about the initials B.P. that inspire idiocy?

On last night's Bachelor Pad, we got quite possibly the single dumbest line in reality TV history when Gia, the swimsuit model so clearly unchallenged by thought, declared Wes "a modern-day Shakespeare."

Oh, honey. No wonder she was sent home.

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Even if this tatted-up cowboy strapped on a frilly collar and penned a sonnet right there on screen, the guy will always be more Shakes The Clown than Shakespeare. Dude pursued Jillian Harris

with a secret girlfriend on the side! And he's gross. Yet, once Wes whipped out his guitar and serenaded Jake Pavelka's former paramour with the same atrocious ballad he claimed to have written for Jillian, the simpleton swooned and spouted off a comparison to the Bard that would infuriate even Christopher Marlowe. "He's so talented. He's such a beautiful person...he's like the modern-day Shakespeare. But better. And cuter!"But of course, the course of true-fake love never runs smoothly, so now this ill-fated alliance has cost Gia a shot at the money and Wes' vendetta against alpha-dog David has planted a big ol' target on his back. As Billy S. himself would say, Lord, what fools these mortals be!What did you think of Gia's assessment? Do we pity her?

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