Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars

OK, so whoever this "A" is, they are so not messing around. No longer content with just tormenting the four besties at the center of this juicy little Desperate High Schoolers, the unseen stalker-slash-sociopath is taking her (or his?) hate to the next level by hitting the grown-ups of Rosewood with less-than-lovely truth nuggets. Last week, it was a letter to Aria's mom about her hubby's indiscretion, and last night, it was a winking, well-timed text to our wide-eyed heroine about her fling with English teacher Ezra that was sure to catch his eye—and ignite his ire—not that he doesn't deserve a good rattling. After all, he is hooking up with a student, which is way more Mary Kay LeTourneau than it is "Hot for Teacher," you know? But now that "A" is going after the adults, does that mean the teens should start adding their parents to the list of possible suspects? Because, at first, it seemed like one of their classmates—or maybe even a not-so-dead Alison—was behind all of the creepy notes and whatnot. Maybe it's actually someone without a curfew who's been creeping us out.

Who you think "A" is? And no spoilers if you've read the books!

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