Archer Archer

It's just like the gypsy woman said!

Last night, Archer fulfilled the prophecy many of us have made — that it would always be the best kind of wrong — by introducing our libidinous spy-hunk to the world of cyborg-sex. Not cyber, cyborg.

Thanks to Krieger's robotic resurrection of Sterling's dead fiancé, Katya Kazanova (last seen being assassinated on their wedding day), the cartoon that's never met a line it didn't cross found a brave new world for the ISIS agent to explore...and get up on. Now, because we're a family website, we can't really get in to all of the unrepentantly raunchy humor that was dished out, so suffice it to say that there were jaw-dropping gags about removable nethers, Oedipal complexes, and electro-frottage as well as a full-blown flashback to Archer's youth that will have a lot of men looking at their vacuums with fear. Or at least regret.

Was it tasteless? Of course. This is Archer we're talking about. Was it also terrifically funny? Of course. Because, again, this is Archer we're talking about.

Now it's your turn to talk about Archer. Did you watch last night? What did you think of last night's episode?

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