Watching this was like spending a day in Kathy Griffin's fantasy land. The reality-obsessed comedian took on 52 "famous" or infamous contestants and asked them all her burning questions. At first I was confused because they were doing the introductions and Darva "I Very Briefly Married a Millionaire" Conger was there, and I so didn't remember her from Battle, but assumed she must have been there when I was dozing. Then I realized it was just a random assortment of pseudo celebs who got together to gab, gossip and grasp vainly at two more minutes of fame. I didn't really learn too much; sadly, I know way too much about all these people already, and yes, I recognized them all. What has my life become? Anyway I swear I sensed some flirting between Reichen and the married Richard Hatch, but maybe I was reading too much into it. And I want more than anything to fix Nikki McKibbin's hair... wasn't she a stylist at one point? If so, a brush shouldn't be so unfamiliar to her. But it was fun to see everyone, especially my new reality crush, Dr. Will Kirby. I didn't even watch Big Brother 2, but I've read about his antics and I still kind of find him charming in a weird way. That's probably wrong, but at least something good came out of Battle and this reunion for me. While Kathy did a good job keeping the pace, those poor Showdog and Biggest Loser's really got ignored guess that goes to show where those programs have landed on the reality food chain. AC

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