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NBC's The Night Shift could be the start of a new summer franchise for the Peacock network. The show is off to a decent start, giving NBC its best summer drama premiere ratings in five years and holding up well in week two.

The show takes a look at the staff working the late hours at an underfunded San Antonio hospital, and stars Eoin Macken as an Afghanistan war veteran, as well as Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Daniella Alonso and Freddy Rodriguez. Executive producers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah (Freaks and Geeks, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) filled out our TV Guide Magazine Showrunner Survey to explain why we should watch The Night Shift, stat.

TV Guide Magazine: I've got room in my life to watch one more show. Why should it be yours?
Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah: If you enjoy an action-packed show with lots of drama, comedy, an occasional fight in and outside of the cage, and a military connection, then give us try. We want it to feel like 24 in a hospital. But funnier.

TV Guide Magazine: Who should be watching?
Sachs and Judah: Anybody who likes the above. And people that like MMA. We open episode three in the octagon with Brendan Fehr representing the Army against an Air Force fighter. 

TV Guide Magazine: What's the best thing anyone has said or written about your show?
Sachs and Judah: The positive reactions from a majority of the military and their families. There is a Texas emergency room that reached out to us that is run by combat vets who loved it. The support of [military support organization] Got Your 6.  That means the most to us. Facebook and Twitter fans have also been overwhelmingly positive.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the worst thing?
Sachs and Judah: Many critics are very dismissive that the pilot wasn't as good ER, only the best medical show in the history of the medium. Guess what? We knew it first. It's ER. It's Steven Spielberg and John Wells. That's why we are not trying to be ER.

We enjoyed one critic saying the names of the characters seemed "made up." Uh, yeah, it's fiction. Though the one he pointed out as being the most egregious is the name of Jeff's daughter, Jordan — who, by the way, is named after the Jordan character in The Great Gatsby. I guess he made that up, too.

But we'd have to say the worst was one critic who said he wished the show had aired a week earlier so that it could be dead by Memorial Day. Given our military connection, it seems that snark was not really thought through very well.

TV Guide Magazine: What's an alternate title for your show?
Sachs and Judah: Doctors Without Orders or Nothing Good Happens After Midnight or Whoa, How'd That Get Up There?

TV Guide Magazine: Give us an equation for your show.
Sachs and Judah: The movie and novel M*A*S*H, plus the movie and book The Right Stuff, divided by every medical show every made (there's only so many procedures you can do to the human body) times Snatch minus the accents, with a fraction of Warren Zevon.

TV Guide Magazine: Come up with a premise for the spin-off.
Sachs and Judah: Let's just get to Season 2. Or hell, even episode 3.

TV Guide Magazine: Tell me one thing about your cast.
Sachs and Judah: They can easily drink any other cast on TV, broadcast or cable, under the table.

TV Guide Magazine: If you weren't producing this show, what series would you most like to be an executive producer on?
Sachs and Judah: Game of Thrones is an obvious choice, but then we'd lose the joy of watching. Jeff will go with pay-per-view UFC fights with ringside seats. Gabe wants to go around the world with the Anthony Bourdain long as there's no cilantro involved.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's scare the network. Tell us an idea that didn't make it on to the screen.
Sachs and Judah: It's not printable.

TV Guide Magazine: With what show would you like to do a crossover episode?
Sachs and Judah: The Regular Show. Whatever they wanted to do, we're in.  But they have to include GBF [the show's antagonist, Garrett Bobby Ferguson].

TV Guide Magazine: How will your show change the face of TV as we know it?
Sachs and Judah: It won't. We're just trying to do an entertaining show that's fun to watch. 

The Night Shift airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC. Here's a preview of this week's episode:

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