Luke Aikins did it! The third-generation skydiver made history on Saturday night when he jumped out of a plane from 25,000 feet without a parachute — and survived. Fox broadcasted the event, called Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent.

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Aikins was the first person to ever survive a jump from that height without the assistance of a parachute or a wing suit and survive. The video walks through the process of jumping out of the plane and the different stages of the dive, from removing the oxygen mask to landing in the safety net.

Aikins didn't only survive the jump but also walked away uninjured. You can hear the massive cheers when he makes it into the safety net and the crowd can see him kicking around, meaning he made the landing without getting hurt. The medic gave him an official check-over and completely cleared the daredevil.

Who is going to attempt it from 30,000 feet now?