Question: Wasn't there a TV series a few years ago about a rescue team in the Sierras (Tahoe)? It was called High Mountain Rescue Team or something similar, had Jennifer Love Hewitt in it and started after Byrds of Paradise but before Jaw Breaker.

Answer: There was a mid-season CBS series called High Mountain Rangers, but it debuted in January 1988 and breathed its last breath by mid-July, six years or so before Byrds of Paradise launched on ABC. Ms. Hewitt wasn't in it, and I'm not familiar with Jaw Breaker.

I can tell you, however, that HMR starred the ever-tough Robert Conrad as the semiretired (and tough-named) Jesse Hawkes, who'd created a team of you guessed it high-mountain rangers based in the Sierra Nevadas near Lake Tahoe. The Conrad boys, Christian and Shane, played Hawkes' sons Matt and Cody, while Tony Acierto, P.A. Christian, Russell Todd, Eric Eugene Williams and Timothy Erwin played the rest of the titular rangers, and Robyn Peterson played Jesse's estranged wife.