Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13

Lost, this ain't. When Warehouse 13 kicks off its second season tonight at 9/8c on Syfy, the goofy thriller—about our government's secret stash of supernatural artifacts—will deliver some fast answers to last season's big questions: Did Artie die in the fireball? Is Leena a traitor? And what the hell is that nogoodnik MacPherson really up to? After that, look for wiseass artifact tracker Pete Lattimer, played by Eddie McClintock, to show off his vulnerable side.

During the July 13 episode, in which an average Joe acquires superpowers that could destroy Detroit, it'll be revealed that Pete sought comfort in comic books as a child after the tragic death of his dad. "A lot of the fantasy and sci-fi fans will relate," McClintock says. "We all need something to grab on to, something to believe in, something to keep us from imploding when things get tough."

Adds the actor, "We don't claim to be anything more than a popcorn show. And, what with everything that's happening these days—from the unemployment rate to the Taliban trying to blow us up—we really need that right now!" No wonder Warehouse 13 is the highest-rated series in Syfy history.

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