Saving Grace Saving Grace

Grace Hanadarko is a complicated, brilliant, fiercely loyal, unapologetic, self-destructive train wreck of a major-crimes detective on TNT's Saving Grace — who just happens to be one of the most compelling TV characters around these days. With the title of the show being Saving Grace, not to mention the presence of a "last-chance" angel named Earl hanging around, can we assume that the endgame of the series would be to save Grace? But... do we want her to be saved?

No, we do not. Here are our Top 5 reasons that the show should not save Grace:

1) Grace's imperfections make her interesting. She drinks, swears, smokes, lives like a slob, sleeps with her partner (both before and after he was separated) and has strained relationships with her faith and her family — all of which is a lot of fun to watch.

2) Her hard-working and hard-playing lifestyle actually makes her better at her job. Her work is her passion and she does it brilliantly. Even with all of the personal drama in her life (being molested by a priest and her sister dying in the Oklahoma City bombing), she refuses to let it affect her work. Could she be as edgy and effective in her job if she cleaned up her act?

3) We've grown fond of her tobacco-spitting, flannel-clad, last-chance angel Earl. If he saved Grace, would he just take off? Then he wouldn't be able to secretly talk to her friends and family to figure out why she's so crazy! Those are always some of the best scenes on the show (and how we get dirt on Grace).

4) Grace can beat you up. Have you seen her muscles? A "saved" Grace might start taking yoga, which would deflate her ripped physique. What kind of cop would she be then?

5) Grace's traumatic life has made her an amazingly loyal friend. Grace's life is so messy that she doesn't judge other people's choices. She also would lay down her life for anyone of her friends or coworkers — we wouldn't ever want that to change about Grace.

What do you think about Grace's character? Do you love her flaws or do you wish she'd get her life together?