Question: I want some Grey's Anatomy scoop, please! Like, will Meredith please die? I was outraged by her actions on Sunday's episode.

Answer: Be careful, Parker. You're teetering dangerously close to ruining the entire episode for me. And I don't care what anyone says, I like Meredith. Sure, she's far from a perfect human being, but who is aside from me? Leave her alone. Besides, she's going to need all your love and support when she learns that the Alzheimer's apple may not fall far from the tree. And here's a quick Chris O'Donnell update: There's still no update. Finally, ABC released this scoopy tease for the Feb. 26 episode: "Meredith and George suddenly find themselves at odds at work. Meanwhile Bailey, although technically still on maternity leave, finds herself treating Addison for an unusual feminine issue, and Alex finds himself oddly jealous when Izzie pays more attention to Denny."