A fun little survey released by Lifetime Products, Inc. - no, not the creator of weepy movies but the world's leading manufacturer of folding tables - says that 31 percent of adults want TV mom Claire Huxtable cooking their Thanksgiving dinner. Carol Brady came in second (with 27 percent), though you know Alice is the one really working the magic behind that island.

Other findings from the survey:
" Peg Bundy is the TV mom you most want far, far away from the stove.
" Speaking of the Bradys, Marcia is the brood member you'd most like at your kiddie table. (Jan came in second; cry me a river.)
" Adults and children alike voted Miley Cyrus the child star they most want seated at the kiddie table. (Perhaps only so they can sell the folding chairs next to her for $2,000 a pop.)
" Today's kids prefer High School Musical's Gabriella (51 percent) to Sharpay (19 percent), while Drake beats Josh (45 to 37 percent).