The undead apocalypse can be murder on a mane.

Some people on The Walking Dead are able to rock stylish locks even as the zombie hordes start zeroing in on their hideouts (lookin' at you, Maggie Greene), while others have their own signature styles that never seem to waver and look all the more rad as a result (hiiii, Michonne and Abraham). And for the most part, people are just doing their best to survive on a day-to-day basis, so it's understandable why they might not put too much stock into their mops.

But in the case of these characters, their tresses are such messes that no matter the size of the walker swell, there's no excuse for how rough they look. This isn't just a matter of a little grease or a little overgrowth, these 'dos are so much like don'ts that even the zekes lose their appetites upon seeing them.

Here's a ranking of the worst Walking Dead hairdos, from only sort awful to the most WTF of all.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

Luckily for everyone, Carol's since figured out how to work her no-fuss-no-muss short 'do in recent seasons, but early on in the series, she was working with a serious hack job for sure. Between the dramatic sideburns and the mini-mullet effect of her long neck wispies, it was just all wrong.

Carol's calling card on the series is learning from her mistakes, though, and she makes the tight grandma trim look good now.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

You'd be forgiven for having forgotten who Francine was (RIP), considering how dull her so-basic-it-hurts bob was. The look was basically a budget version of Maggie's short swoop, but with an unfortunate Anton Chigurh twist.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

It didn't help that Gareth was an actual monster, but his slicked pointy pieces were somehow even grosser than anything on the Terminus nightly menu.

His aesthetic was basically that creepy kid in the back of the room at night school whose name no one seemed to know. Shudder.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

The young deputy here has kinda always looked like he's been auditioning for a fourth spot in the BeeGees, but now that he's rocking an eyepatch, too, that precious Farrah Fawcett fluff-age only makes it seem like he's got a future on Captain Salazar's crew.

Shut it down, kid.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

He may not have been the worst guy in the Governor's circle, but that floppy combover was pretty evil. His tiny glasses and goofy grin would've been enough to cement his status as the resident nerd without having a toupee-type topping to go with the look.

Rick Grimes

<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

Sheriff Rick has been experimenting with this stringy, sweat-stained bangslook for quite some time, but he really has no excuse for being so unkempt while living in Alexandria, where hot showers and shampoo supplies are plentiful.

Even if he's just trying to go au naturale for the sake of fitting into this rugged end-of-days atmosphere (see also: that salt and pepper beard), there's no excuse for him to have hair hanging past his actual nose — even if the town stylist did recently have an unfortunate incident.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

Well, props to Simon for accepting his receded hairline and all, but does he really need to keep the rest at a length that makes him look like a muppet baby? Is this some grand design to make him seem more like a dad dude than Negan's nefarious number two? It is very un-intimidating.

Daryl Dixon

<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

We've already talked about the evolving hair styling of Daryl Dixon from his manic pixie dream girl wannabe shear-work to that full-on Newt in Aliens knot-fest last season. Nowadays, he's lingering on the latter, having seen neither a brush nor a pair of scissors in centuries.

PS: If this is a low-key attempt at dialing down Daryl's swoon factor, well, it's working.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

Let's face it: Eugene looks like Butch from Home Alone grew up to be a used car salesman and couldn't afford a trip to Supercuts but once a year. This isn't just a mullet; this is a masterpiece of disaster. Unlike his roadtrip buddy Abe, whose badassery made up for any obsolete spike style that he might've been working, Eugene's just not cool enough to pull this off, period.


<em>The Walking Dead</em>, AMCThe Walking Dead, AMC

The good news is that Jadis' half-bowl, half-light-socket-shocked mane vibes certainly live up to her title as the self-proclaimed trash queen of Virginia. The bad news is her look is so severe that they don't even sell wigs for fans to cosplay as the character.... Not that anyone would even want to.