Mark Wahlberg by Jim Spellman/ Mark Wahlberg by Jim Spellman/

Look out, Vinny Chase: HBO just green lit a comedy pilot from Mark Wahlberg and co. about a group of twentysomething guy-pals trying to make it in New York City. The new pilot, How to Make It in America, is the latest collaboration from Entourage exec producers Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson, and promises to feature a somewhat more enterprising group of guys than their L.A. counterparts.

According to the Reporter, a third Entourage exec producer is also signed on for the right-coast pilot, which bolsters my hope that we get more fun-loving guys in a meta-series about modern New York life. Of course, fun-loving guys with dimples, curly hair and megawatt grins wouldn't hurt either - nor would stellar cameos, a killer soundtrack and lots of in-jokes.

What would you hope to see in an East Coast Entourage? - Anna Dimond

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