The moment ABC announced its revamp of V, fans of the original miniseries remembered its terrifying birth scene and wondered: Could the new version be as creep-tastic?

Yes and no, says Lourdes Benedicto, who plays unfortunate mom-to-be Val.

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"By the end of the season, she is going to have the baby," Benedicto tells TVGuide.com, though the blessed event might not be as vividly sci-fi as it was in the original.  "It's more on the real side of things. It's going to play closer to what we know to be the birth of a baby, though it does have a tail."

"Hopefully it's better," Benedicto says.

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Val, who will finally learn that her fiancé Ryan (Morris Chestnut) is a Visitor in Tuesday's episode, will quickly have to decide whether she wants to be a mother to this hybrid child. "She's going to have to make the decisions of what this baby means to her and whether she's willing to fight for it or not. Val is going to get thrown into this world of Vs coming after her, with her trying to run away from them so she can protect her baby."

"This baby is going to be a big part of what the war means for everyone in the future," she continues. "Anna [Morena Baccarin] is definitely going to be very interested in this baby."

What do you think: Will the birth of this lizard baby give you nightmares?