Following the events of Sept. 11, the last thing that any American wanted from TV was more reality. So God bless Fox: In Toni Ferrari, the volatile vixen of its "see-worthy" dating game, Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage, the network gave us anything but. Why, the S.S. Mandalay scarcely had left the dock before the 27-year-old fitness trainer revealed a personality that seemed as artificially enhanced as her figure. She turned on the waterworks each time a contestant — even her archenemies — got banished to Loser Island, and erupted into tirades against her fellow phonies with such abandon that her eyes bulged. And although she herself failed to rock the boat and sail away with the prize in Tuesday's season finale, she'll always be a winner in our book. Her outsized histrionics made us laugh at a time when that was exactly what we needed.