The Voice, Javier Colon The Voice, Javier Colon

As the first winner of The Voice, Javier Colon received votes from millions of fans across the country. But for the 33-year-old father, it was hearing from his two young daughters after his triumph that made the biggest difference.

"My oldest, who's 3-and-a-half, said, 'Daddy, we got to watch you win on TV!" Colon told reporters hours after his big victory Wednesday. "It just reaffirms why I did this in the first place and what this has always been to me."

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Colon nabbed the $100,000 prize and a recording contract Wednesday following a nail-biting finish with fellow finalist Dia Frampton.  "I think this could have gone to either of us and obviously with the vote being a 2 percent difference, it very well could have. Hopefully, we have all won in a sense," Colon said. "I'm honored to have the official win, but I was very prepared to hear Carson say, 'Dia Frampton.'"Colon, who released two albums for Capitol Records before parting ways with the label in 2006, said he had many people to thank for pushing him to continue to pursue music, including his mom, who he said stayed up until 3:30 a.m. voting. "When I started this, the odds were stacked up against me and it almost kept me from auditioning. But it just goes to show that you don't always know destiny," he said. "My brother is actually the one who talked me into auditioning and obviously I'm glad that he did." voters want Dia Frampton to win The Voice

Runner-up, and iTunes chart topper, Frampton echoed Colon's sentiments when asked about what the show meant to her. "I was getting to the point where I was hanging on by a thread," she said. "[My band was] on a major label and got dropped. It was to the point where we were touring and I would think how much is gas and how far is California because we can't make that. It was getting really stressful ... and now I'm just excited to move forward."It also took some time for Javier's win to sink in for his coach,

Adam Levine. "It was so crazy and overwhelming and it still is. I'm in shock," he said. "Javier, from the beginning, was the person that deserved to win this."

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Despite his smack talk with the other celebrity coaches all season— especially Christina Aguilera — Levine admitted he had doubts about what kind of coach he would be and said he surprised himself. "I wasn't sure if I would be a good coach or a bad coach, so I think I'm a good coach. I like that about myself," he said. "I wasn't sure what I would be able to do. I get frustrated easily sometimes."For host Carson Daly, the biggest shocker to come out of The Voice was the chemistry among coaches Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Levine and Aguilera. "The greatest thing that happened is that they all went and got drunk. Honestly, right before we started shooting they had a great bonding moment that Mark Burnett paid for and they really kind of connected," he said. "We had an early meeting where everybody said, 'None of us really watch these shows and none of us really need to be doing this, so let's go make the TV show that really cares about aspiring talent.'"Looking back, Aguilera called the first season of The Voice "a magical experience.""We all held each others' hands through the experience," she said. "When you put so much passion and so much effort and energy into something you believe in, it's going to be emotional."