Lucille Bliss Lucille Bliss

Actress Lucille Bliss, who voiced The Smurf's Smurfette, has passed away at the age of 96.

Bliss died from natural causes on Nov. 8 at an assisted living center in Costa Mesa, The Los Angeles Times reports.

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Over her 60 year career, Bliss provided the voices for a variety of cartoon characters, including Crusader Rabbit, the first star of an animated series produced for TV. The actress will be best remembered for her work on The Smurfs. Bliss provided the voice for Smurfette from 1981-1990.Bliss was also the original voice of Elroy Jetson, but the actress lost The Jetsons job after she refused to change her name to cover up that she was an adult woman voicing a young boy.Bliss' other credits include Invader ZIM, Cinderella and The Secret of NIMH.