The Voice's Blind Auditions really brought the waterworks Tuesday — and not from a dismissed singer bawling on the way off stage, thankfully.

The moment that had people feeling like someone was cutting onions in the room, as this Twitter user eloquently put it, came via singer Malik Davage, a 23-year-old from Washington D.C. with a buttery voice.

We probably should've guessed he'd punch us in the feelings when he got choked up while talking about his daughter during his intro, but there was no way we could have been prepared for the "Awwws" he was about to deliver. Singing "Sure Thing" by Miguel, it was clear the young singer, who detailed a rough upbringing in the nation's capital, was pretty talented. As good as he sounded though, Adam Levine was the only coach to turn around for him.

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Maybe it was his joy at not going home without a turn — or just being overcome with emotion at how far he'd come — but his face started leaking water, and it was super cute. He actually struggled to regain his composure, which prompted Gwen Stefani to offer him a shoulder to cry on. And he took it! He went over, hugged Gwen for a minute, then sat in Adam's chair before scooping up his daughter and rejoicing with his mom too.

Check out the touching moment below...if you're not afraid to have your lips start trembling involuntary.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.