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Vivica A. Fox Brings a "Legal Love Triangle" to Drop Dead Diva

How do you deal with a two-timing man?If you're Vivica A. Fox, you take the high road. But if you're her character on Drop Dead Diva, you take the guy to court."It was so much fun to play someone who ...

Joyce Eng

How do you deal with a two-timing man?
If you're Vivica A. Fox, you take the high road. But if you're her character on Drop Dead Diva, you take the guy to court.
"It was so much fun to play someone who was betrayed and goes to great lengths to get even," Fox tells "I definitely would not have done what she did — but I've also never been in that specific situation!"
On Sunday's episode (9/8c on Lifetime), Fox guest-stars as Maria Ellis, a woman who discovers that her husband (David Sutcliffe) is married to another woman (Bellamy Young). Divorce would be too easy, so the ladies — both represented by Jane (Brooke Elliott) — team up to expose him.

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"It's quite the love triangle — a legal love triangle. Now she's going after him for fraud. She's like, 'I'm not just going to take the divorce; I'm going to take it all!'" Fox says. "It's so amazing when you hear in real life about people's double lives or them tricking others and stuff. This is, like, ripped from the headlines. So hopefully there's a lesson to be learned."Fox says she's learned to walk away when a boyfriend is "up to no good" — and that it's not necessarily important to get even. "People forget that celebrities go through dating crap just like everybody else does," she says. "I've just learned to be the bigger person. I always find that walking away is better than trying to go after somebody. They're not worth it. Why waste your time?"The actress landed the guest spot after going to the dramedy's wrap party last year with her friend, who worked in the show's wardrobe department. An alum of Lifetime's Missing, the 45-year-old says she was happy to return to TV and not have to put in long hours.

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"I would do 11 pages and 11 scenes a day [on Missing]. So it was kind of cool to just come in, do my character for a little bit and then bounce out," she says. "I had such a great time with Brooke and Margaret [Cho]. And I really enjoyed playing Maria. I hadn't done drama in a while. I was doing a lot of stage and movies, so it was good to come back."With a play (Cheaper to Keep Her) and a few films coming up, Fox is booked solid through mid-January, but she says she would love to drop by Diva again — especially since "no one dies" in Sunday's episode."But there's a surprise ending. You're going to go 'No way!'" she says. "I was there and I was like, 'Oh wow! Didn't see that part!' It's a surprise for everyone in court. No one gets a happy ending, but it's quite the shocker!"