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Hey History, Here Are 6 Free Ideas for the Vikings Spin-Off

From Leif Erikson to the Viking raids in Ireland

Sadie Gennis

Vikings may be ending after the upcoming sixth season, but fortunately there's the chance of a spin-off heading our way. Not much is known yet about the potential series other than the fact that Vikings creator Michael Hirst will not be writing every episode; instead, Die Hard's Jeb Stuart will be the person most closely involved with bringing the possible project to life.

Despite having literally nothing to go on -- no clues about characters, time periods or anything like that -- we decided to come up with our own ideas for what we hope the spin-off will be about. And if any of these prove to be correct, we expect to be named the new Seer of Kattegatt.

1. The House of Normandy. If anyone from the main series is likely to get their own spin-off, we'd bet it would be Rollo (Clive Standen), the first Duke of Normandy. Even if Rollo was only the jumping off point for the series, it would be fascinating to follow the rise of the House of Normandy. The actual lead of the series could be Rollo's son, William Longsword, who had to face a rebellion from Normans after he took over the throne. William was also famous as a conqueror and allied with Hugh the Great in a revolt against King Louis IV. Would watch!

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2. The Viking Age in Ireland. Vikings played a huge part in Irish history, and it's something that would be rife for exploring in a spin-off. The power struggles, raids, settlements and wars would satisfy fans of the original series, and the descendants of Ivar (Alex Høgh), the Uí Ímair, were very active in Ireland and even ruled Dublin for a period, providing a nice continuity with the original series. The Vikings also allied with the clan of Leciester in an attempt to defeat Brian Boru, and it was this failed effort that saw them lose their power in Ireland. However, the Vikings forever shaped Ireland and it would be interesting to see the way the country had to adapt in order to respond to this violent invading force.

3. Bjorn's descendants and the battle for Sweden. According to the history books, Bjorn's (Alexander Ludwig) descendants had about as much of a dramatic family life as Bjorn and his brothers did -- only this time, the brothers were fighting for control of all of Sweden. However, the main thing working against the idea of Bjorn's descendants being the focus of the spin-off is that it sounds far too similar to the show we know and love and will have just spent six seasons watching. We'd much prefer something far fresher and more unique for the potential new drama.

4. Leif Erikson's journey to North America. With the massive likelihood that Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) is heading to North America next season, that could provide a nice set-up for a spin-off about Leif Erikson, a Norse explorer who is said to be the first European to arrive on the continental North America. Even before making it to "Vinland," aka the northern rip of Newfoundland, Leif and his brother were both banished from their homeland in Iceland, so it seems as though there is plenty of drama to mine from his story even before his most famous adventure. Leif Erikson is also a famed historic figure who inspired multiple written sagas, which would appear to make him a worthy successor to Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) as the franchise's next lead.

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5. Harald Hardrada and the end of the Viking Age. Forced into exile as a young man, becoming a captain in Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise's army and then rising to commander of the Byzantine Varangian Guard in Constantinople, Harald Hardrada would make an excellent leading character of a Vikings spin-off. He also went on to become King of Norway and attempted to claim the Danish and English thrones as well. Harald's eventual death in battle in 1066 has also been considered the end of the Viking Age, which would add a bittersweet angle to the spin-off. In fact, a series just focused on the events of 1066 could easily be enough to fuel a few seasons if explored from all different perspectives.

6. This amazing suggestion from someone on Reddit.


Vikings is available to stream on Hulu and Amazon. The sixth and final season is expected to return to History later this year.

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